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The following game (exact match was not found in the recesses of the quiz room, if there is such, please let know the moderator to incorporate current one into the old one) is a mix up of 'cryptic clues' and 'letters' games. It works as follows:


Quiz: (E) Union of bloodlines, named 'hero' in the Hobbit, father of sequel's hero's 'true love'
Answer: Elrond (union of blood - Maia, Human, Elf drops, father of Arwen (hero of the sequel - Aragorn, 'named the hero': [in the Hobbit - In those days of our tale there were still some people who had both elves and heroes of the North for ancestors, and Elrond the master of the house was their chief']

Next quiz should start with D, than (i.e. the last latter of the previous quiz answer)
The person to answer should be able to explain all clues of the question, besides giving the answer to the quiz itself



There were several of the name, humans and elves alike. The answer I'm after was the second among humans, wise to an extent, proud beyond measure, labelled 'heathen' by an 'emissary'.


EDIT: the hard quote posted by Perky brought to my attention that the guidelines for giving hints and clues are not set. Therefore I edit this post to set the following additional rule:

If the quiz is not solved for ten days, the author should reveal its second letter. Par example, if Elrond was not got for ten days, I would have been obliged to tell you that the word I were after started with El

end of EDIT

Egroeg Ihkhsal

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