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As Saeryn passed from the cold rain into the warm, comforting atmosphere of the hall, she drew a slow breath. She felt suddenly tired and very hungry. Garreth’s grumblings had become so commonplace she scarcely remembered them, and the dash through the rain had released the built tension of her quarrel with Rowenna. She resolved to find Rowenna and make it right…later. Now, she was ready to go and sit by Eodwine. It seemed more than just a few hours since they last spoke quietly and uninterrupted together.

She made her way forward, pausing once or twice along the way. Suddenly, her name was called from behind, loudly. She turned and faced Rowenna.

“Lady, your serving wench asks your forgiveness for her rash words and deeds. What does the lady require of her serving wench?”

Her words struck Saeryn like a physical blow. She blinked and caught her breath sharply. For a moment, she had no response.

“You are not my serving wench, Rowenna. In all I said, I never meant that. Please,” she said, her shoulder’s drooping a little, “go sit down and finish your supper. I have fed the rest of the people. There is nothing left to be done for the time being. Or,” she added realizing Rowenna’s condition, “get into something dry first.”

Hoping it was enough for the time being to quiet Rowenna, she turned away and approached the head table.
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