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Saeryn didn’t know what she meant by her last words, but her previous ones were enough to answer.

“You know well, and as you said just now yourself, that had I gone out, there would be no supper for anyone – man or woman. You also know that Eodwine would ask of no woman what he would not ask of me.” She paused and drew breath. Something hard and painful lodged in her stomach, and she was not as hungry as she had been before. She was angry – angrier than was right for the situation. Her eyes snapped sparks as she glared down at Rowenna, but she did not speak the words that rose immediately to her mind – that an ungrateful shrew had no place here at the hall, and that perhaps she had better find another place where men would treat a discarded, used jade like her as well as they did here.

“People must be fed,” she said, at last. “And if you are too tired to do so, you should just have said so. I have plenty of helpers.” She reached across to a plate on her tray and set it down before Scyld. Then with the same hand, she pushed the plate they had been sharing to Rowenna’s place.

“Eat,” she said, her voice short and clipped. “Enjoy your supper.”

She turned away, trembling with constrained fury.
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