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Eodwine paused to take stock of their progress. He noticed Rowenna coming out of the Smithy with four more shovels. That was good. It was now time for the next step.

"Folk of Scarburg!" he called. "The trench is well nigh knee deep and wide as my finger tips to elbow. It will do. Now we must dig a spillway from the trench to the swamp."

He heard some groans and coughs. He grinned. "Fear not, thought it is to be much longer than anything else, it need not be as wide nor as deep. It needs only to be deep and wide enough to carry water away from the dungpit as well as from our home. We should be done before the sun goes to sleep! Follow me!"

Eodwine led them to where he had decided to begin, and showed them the path, more or less straight, that the spillway would take. Luckily, the land was generally flat across all of the holding, so it was not going to be such an odious task. Still, he had no doubt that not a few of the folk would be sick in the morning.
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