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White Tree The King's Players - Discussion/Planning Thread

Mnemosyne cordially invites you to share in the planning and play of The King's Players.

This game is an experimental offering which attempts to take into account some of the suggested reforms on the Measure of Success thread. It is intended to be a short, intense game, occurring in "half time": a day in real life will equal half a day in the game, and core players should be able to set aside two weeks to post regularly to the game thread and keep the plot rolling.

Ownership and plot-control of the game will be shared among the players, so that whatever events we decide will happen will make sense for the characters (who will, by and large, be driving the action themselves). Because the game itself is so intensive, I'm hoping that together we can come up with a bare-bones timeline, over the real-life time of two weeks to a month. We'd then flesh it out spontaneously in-game.

Finally, if you don't have the time to commit to the game for two solid weeks, you are free to come up with characters who can interact with the core group or with one another. As explained below, the premise of the game is such that introducing a new character in this way should be easy.

The Premise

It's Fourth Age 21, and the King's Peace has reigned over the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan for a generation of Men. We (the core players) are a travelling acting troupe that has sprung up in these times of peace, and every year for the past five years we've stopped at Minas Anor for Cormare,* to put on a theatrical rendition of the War of the Ring as popular entertainment in the First Circle. This year, however, we've run into a snag: the King has as his guests the Mayor of the Shire (who was himself esquire to the Ring-bearer) and his family. What's more, they've found out about the play, and have convinced the Court to attend. We've never meant any harm by our work, but we based the play on the tales others told us, and on what looks good on a stage. But if our show is to be attended not only by one who was present, but the King himself?...

How do we find out what's true and what's not? And we don't have much time to figure out...

*Yavannie 30 by the calendar in the Fourth Age. This day corresponds to Frodo's birthday and is a canonical Fourth Age holiday. Alternatively, we could choose the Gondorian New Year, which is the anniversary of the Ring's destruction.

Characters Needed - The Players - about 6, up to 8

People who play these characters should expect to post regularly each day on the game thread.

The Players can come from a variety of backgrounds, and even races (I don't see Elves and Dwarves as particularly likely, but if you can make it work, by all means go ahead! A hobbit from Bree is slightly more conceivable). They need not even be actors, as long as you can justify their presence in the troupe.

More important is the fact that none of the Players should have been important, learned, or connected enough in the time of the War to have any conceivable idea of the real story of what happened.

Brinn (alias Celebrindal) - Mnemosyne's character

Amdir, son of Amrod - Formendacil's character

Branor - Boromir88's character

Harrenon - Dimturiel's character

Asta - Nerwen's character

Characters Needed - Others - limitless

Therian - Feanor of the Peredhil's character

Cirdacil, Lord of Burlach - Anguirel's character

VŽandur - Inziladun's character

Coldan - Pitchwife's character

Rollan - Mnemosyne's character

Aldarion - the phantom's character

Sereth - Thinlomien's character

People who play these characters need not post regularly on the game thread.

Minas Anor has gotten increasingly cosmopolitan in times of peace, and many visitors come by each year for the Cormare festivals. Thus, anyone who could justifiably be in the City at this time, except for canon characters, is up for play. They should have some reason to interact with the Players, even if only as an audience member.

Character Sheets



APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):

(again, as brief or detailed as you wish):

Final Notes

I am using the short character sheet in part because I think it would be more fitting for the Players to develop their histories and biographies in tandem.

As noted above, the title is working. The Players will need a troupe name, and while the King's Players might work, presumably the King himself doesn't know, as he hasn't sponsored the group. (On the other hand, if we do a stellar enough job that we can secure his patronage...)

The players will also have to determine what sort of erroneous play we've been putting on for the last five years.

Currently I am considering playing the manager of the troupe, who handles the finances, etc. and is married to one of the actors? Still very foggy about her, and the history of the troupe, which is probably as it should be this early in the game.

As this is a collaborative RP, feel free to make suggestions about the gameplay itself. All ideas here are open for debate.

General Resources for Players, to be Heeded Or Ignored At Will

Political theories concerning Early Fourth Age Gondor: Players should note that at this time Elessar's edict that no Men should enter the Shire is in effect.

Possible real-world theatrical analogues:

Gondorian Time-keeping: Pippin hears three bells (indicating three bells since sunrise) at 9:00 in the morning. This reflects the old church system of prayers, minus the prayers: 3 bells is 9:00, 6 bells is noon, 9 bells is 3:00, 12 bells is sunset. We're around the time of the equinox, so an hour is about an hour.

Meals in Gondor: May have changed in the early Fourth Age due to no longer being at war, a new King and new customs, but here's how things were done during the siege: one meal at daybreak (unnamed, but light--though this may be due to siege), one meal at noon (nuncheon), one meal at sunset (daymeal).

Miscellaneous canon: Rose is almost certainly pregnant with Gamgee #13, Tom, unless she's already given birth.


from Pio:

Just a quick reminder for all players:

Reminders for an RPG in play:
  • Please remove your signature from EVERY post to the RPG thread - including SAVES

  • Don't use smileys in your RPG posts or icons - e.g., etc.

  • Don't highlight any part of the RPG text.

  • Don't use the 'Reason for Editing' function on your RPG posts. If it's critical that other players know that you've changed something, then put a post on the Discussion Thread about your edit.

  • No OOC (out of character comments) on the RPG thread - use the Discussion Thread.

  • SAVES should be filled within 48 hours and may be removed from the game at the discretion of the game facilitator. The game facilitator may disallow any SAVES to his/her game.
  • If there's something crucial you need to post but can't at the time, you can place your finished post on the Discussion Thread and ask the Forum Moderator to insert it in the appropriate place on the game thread.

  • Swearing, sexual conduct, or obscenity of any kind are absolutely prohibited. There are no exceptions -- per The Barrow-Wight
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