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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
Is 6 Eomer?. Farmerís song being Old Macdonald giving E and o and sea maid may be mermaid
Spot on.

THEODEN - The king stands before a warren, to devour him subjectively.
HIRLUIN - "Here, Lou - in!" Only fair, no?
EOWYN - No Gollum, but say "Oh! Win!" to claim sword and shield.
4. G? - Legolas' end by Gimli denoted on the long shore.
5. R? - 1, lord of what?
EOMER - The top and tail of a farmer's song, the head of a sea-maid - a king?
ARAGORN - One cloth trumpet for a walker.
THARKUN - Reported by the dwarves: lisping shark, one (French).
GALADRIEL - Listen, the crowned one is glad: add hay to reel.
AROD - A stick or a steed?
TOOK - He is taken past the family.
12. E? - Adam fell? Add one at the end, subtract six from the start, flip it around for one of two.

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