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The Old Forest
Gorlim the Unhappy
Brown Lands
Galion the Butler

A lot of these work for weary! Some of them didn't strike me at all as I read them though and some of them I just don't know enough about so I'm discounting: Gorlim the Unhappy, Maedhros, Mandos and the Brown Lands. Also I don't think Galion the Butler is weary. Drunk and in massive trouble very soon but not weary. The Ringwraiths are having a new lease of life at the moment what with new steeds and all so though I originally thought of them as being quite weary I've changed my mind.

Rivendell is good. I think there is a heavy sense of weariness there, but really it's also the centre of hope (literally if you think of Aragorn).

It's the two forests that really work for me. Mirkwood for literal reasons - Bombur falling in the river and sleeping for long periods of time, and then the Dwarves passing out every time they get near the elf fires. But it's more evil than weary.

So I choose: The Old Forest
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