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‘The boy looks like he had a dose of one of the old ghostie men. A wight as some names ‘em.’ Willem’s brow puckered as he looked down on Edwin’s still form. ‘So pale and cold he is and lost in some frightening dream. Poking round the wrong barrow’d be my guess. They’re still some of them jealous, those men of old, guarding treasures their bony old hands can never grab hold on again. Most have passed on; but some linger, the dark and twisty ones still waiting for the shadow to return.’ He shook his head. ‘Best to heed the stories about the barrow-downs and stay away. Hard for ordinary folk to say which mounds are naught but old grave sites and which still hold a waiting horror.’

‘But let’s see what we can do for him, eh?’ He gave her what he hope was a reassuring smile, though from the look dawning on her face he doubted its effectiveness.

‘Now, somewhere here,’ he went on, poking in the darker recesses of a corner cabinet, ‘I have a little something as might let him sleep more restfully. Did a little work for the Fair Folk and got this in return.’ His fingers found the plain little silvery-white box in the far corner. Untying the gold colored ribbon wrapped round it, he opened the lid and drew out a clear glass vial. ‘Give me a thimbleful of your tea,’ he asked Jessie, handing her the small silver cup which had lain beside the vial. ‘We’ll put a drop of this in it and see if we can get him to drink it.’

He lifted Edwin’s head up from the pillow and dripped the scant amount of liquid between the boy’s lips. ‘Our best hope, though, for him is just to get him through til morning. Sun’s light burns through old evil’s wicked spells, I’m told.’

Willem sat down on the edge of the cot, his hand resting lightly on Edwin's chest. He hummed a little tune under his breath as he looked at the boy's face.

'How are you doing?' he said, turning his head toward Jess. 'Did I notice a little twinge from you every now and then? Are you hurting somewhere?'

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