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Formy, we have one week in-game. Should be just enough that we can play each day out (maybe skip one of rehearsal?) without making the game tired.

Phantom, Brinn's going to want to hear what happened from Aldarion, from his point of view. But her main purpose is to defray all of the problems that have cropped up. Depending on the account he gives, she may question his intentions (though it hadn't really occurred to her that they were doing anything more than light flirting until this explosion happened) towards Asta, to see). If he gets all huffy about the madness of performing this play here, she'll kindly remind him that the play was developed far away from the centers of any sort of performance and was never intended for any of these high and mighty audiences, and then attempt to turn things around by saying that this really is his chance to make things right.

If you have time tonight before anyone else ducks in, we can play this out; otherwise, tomorrow morning IRL let's move the game ahead.
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