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Thirded, but as I've been anything but innocent as far as cluttering the Day with complications goes, I shouldn't be complaining. (And to think we set out with the goal to complete this in two weeks RL-time! But as Mnemo reminded me, this is nothing compared to RPGs farther up north, where Days are rumoured to last half a year...)


X-ed with the lady Mnemobrindal herself. If we keep the Brinn conferences behind the scenes, I have a feeling we'll most probably never get around to flashing back to them. On the other hand, I wonder whether they're actually so necessary. Asta and Coldan are through the worst already, I think; Asta is feeling let down by Aldarion, but she can probably confront him on that by herself, if Nerwen wants her to; remains getting Aldarion and Coldan back on friendlier terms, and here some mediation by Brinn would have been helpful in my opinion. But maybe, if Coldan continues to mistrust Sador, and Aldarion not trusting him too much either IIRC, they could unite against a (perceived) common enemy? Or if that clashes with Ang's intentions, Brinn could somehow force them to work together, give them a common task or some such? So yeah, I think we can afford to move on.)
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