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Originally Posted by Pitch
does anybody want to step in and keep Aldarion from drawing
He already stopped himself from drawing, don't worry. The only way he'll pull it out is if Asta actually attempts to do him harm with her weapon. Perhaps I have given the wrong impression concerning his thirst for sword related violence?

Aldarion is in fact extremely careful, which is why it would be in character for him to kill someone (if that makes any sense). In other words, he doesn't wish to provoke violence (because of the risks involved to all parties), but he will swiftly attempt to kill or incapacitate (chop off arms/hands) if he is forced into it. Someone else swinging a weapon at him qualifies as "forcing" him into action, as quite clearly someone swinging a weapon at him is an attempt to kill or seriously maim him. Also I strongly suspect he'd give a lady, extremely old person, or child some benefit of doubt in such situations (i.e. he'd defend or use the flat of the blade).

So really, no need to worry about him going on a rampage. He's very business-like with his violence.
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