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For those who are wondering...

I am up to my eyeballs in work, and despite that, Really Really Would Not Mind Writing Elanor, because this is, essentially, what I do. But I would honestly prefer it if someone else took her first, because 1). I already have two characters, 2). I do not wish to be a Railroadress, and 3). I would already know exactly what Elanor would be doing. Which would be something in between "charming" and "attempting to take over the entire production."

I will not be up to my eyeballs in work come this time tomorrow; however, I will be on the road from Thursday through Saturday. Hopefully the hotel will have wireless, because I'm planning on bringing my laptop.

Once this argument clears up (and maybe there's some Brinn conferencing), I'd like to move things to the next morning, if that's fine by everyone else... If no one's claimed Elanor by that point, I'll have her wander into the inn by then and start being sweetly overly helpful.
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