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Well, Brinn thought to herself, that riddle, at least, is utterly useless. The last thing we need is an arrest on grounds of indecency!

"Thank you for your information," Brinn told Branor and Therian. "Though I have to wonder--Elf Warrior or not, why would the Lord Samwise and his family think it acceptable to see him portrayed as one when he most clearly was not? Especially if he was embarrassed by it?" She thought a moment. "Still, if the play is lacking action sequences, that's a good way to put them back in.

"So you've told me about Merry and Sam... but what about the other two? Did you learn anything more about them?"

She ignored, for the time being, Branor's clearly-fed advice concerning Merry and his suitable actor. She'd have to talk this over with Asta.
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