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Branor and Therian found Brinn and she was not pleased with their dishevelled appearances. No doubt, whatever they had been up to was part of the reason for Amdir's firing.

"I know you told us to go out in the morning, but Therian and I figured we would do better if we went out at night." Branor said.

Brinn crossed her arms, it looked like she was searching for words to confront them over how they have done nothing but blatantly sabotage the play and get Amdir fired. Her expression relaxed slightly though when she discovered the boys had listened to her instructions, aside from the sneaking out business. Also, Branor has seemed to completely drop the notion that Aragorn was a double agent, another relief.

Therian first remembered to tell Brinn about the riddle their wisened informant gave about the four hobbits: Smials! Naked walk and naked lie, clothesless hobbits under sky.

Branor cut in because he had still not been able to figure out that riddle, and thought it was therefor inconsequential. "The Lord Samwise is definitely Frodo's servant Sam. He and his family are planning to attend the performance so Aldarion needs to begin a major re-write. Aldarion's got Mary the Elf all wrong. Mary the Elf should be Merry the Hobbit, as no records of an Elf Mary in the Fellowship exists.

Although, we may not have to scrap this completely. The Lord Samwise talked in detail on the quest, Sauron's servants had mistaken both he and Frodo as great elf warriors. In fact, Samwise was enamoured by the Elves, and blushed at the thought of being an elf warrior. My suggestion would be to make Samwise, Frodo's loyal elf-warrior as a tribute to the old Master, but scrap the whole idea of Mary the Elf. Make Merry the Hobbit instead. The Hobbit who slew the evil demon king."

Branor was trying to throw whatever wrenches he could into Aldarion's script. Therian elbowed him, reminding Branor that he had forgotten one thing. "Oh yes, since Merry is most definitely a hobbit, and like the other hobbits he was a strong champion, Therian is more than suitable for the part."
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