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Pitchwife is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Pitchwife is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Pitchwife is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Pitchwife is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"Zat ve shall, Amdír, zat ve shall", Coldan assured the carpenter. "Zat conceited old niggard isn't vorthy of your service. A pox on him and ze horse he rode in on! Ve'll show him, never fear. Harrenon and I made good progress zis morning and found out a lot about ze King and ze ozer lords and ladies zat should help us get our script right, if zat chaperon Lord Vatsisname has encumbered us viz doesn't meddle too much."

Just at this moment he caught a glimpse of Asta suddenly appearing in the doorway only to shoot a look at him that, had it been an arrow, would have gone straight through him and nailed him to the back of his chair, and then just as suddenly she was gone again. Well, that had been predictable, and no use telling her again he had only reported the truth (she probably knew that well enough and just couldn't help herself blaming him anyway). He briefly considered going after her and talking to her, but right then his wine and potatoes arrived, and he decided to first let the matter cool down a little before he approached her again.

"To tell you ze truth", he continued, "zat was largely Harry's merit." He raised his cup of wine to the younger man. "You did very vell at ze armourer's. I don't know how I vould hev got out of zat smithy viz my hide whole if not for you, never mind I vouldn't hev zought of asking Bergil to tell us all zat stuff. Zat man was a gold mine!"

Over the meal, he briefly told Amdír and Rollan how they had come to meet Bergil and the gist of what they had gathered from him, while they in turn filled him in on the details of Lord Cirdacil's visit; but every now and then, his mind strayed away from the conversation. The image of Asta's brief appearance and the look she had given him kept popping up again and again before his inner eye, distracting him, nagging at him.

This had to stop. He had thought that before, but this time he felt he had to act on it.

Except he had no clue how to go about it.

Only when they had all scraped clean their plates did he remember that Brinn was still waiting for his and Harrenon's comprehensive report on their findings; and at the same time he suddenly had an idea.

"Harry", he said, "Brinn still vants us to report to her in full vat ve found out. Tell you vat, vy don't you go and give her all ze details? You deserve to reap ze glory. Take my notes along to help your memory. Besides, I'd like to hev a word viz Rollan and Amdir about a matter of no relevance to ze play zat would only bore you."
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