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Entering the common room, Coldan bumped into Aldarion, who, it seemed, was just about to leave.

"Vatch your steps, man!" he exclaimed, more puzzled than irritated; he had assumed that the playwright would be long gone, carrying out the assignment Brinn had given him. "Vat are you doing here anyvay? Shouldn't you be researching in ze city?"

"Watch your own", Aldarion retorted. "Things haven't gone quite as planned here. We've had a surprise visit from the most high and mighty Lord Cirdacil, newly appointed Master of the Revels; Rollan and Amdír are in there, they can tell you all about it, if Brinn hasn't already. If you'll excuse me now, I have work to do."

"Vell, good luck zen! You'll need it if you vant to match vat ve've gathered zis morning." With these encouraging words, he turned away from Aldarion to scan the inside of the common room, which was getting quite crowded with guests for nuncheon; a warm, delicious smell wafted out of the open hatch from the kitchen. He spied Amdír and Rollan, already busy with their meals, and made a beeline for their table, narrowly evading a collision with Ingold, who was darting about the room taking orders.

"If you please, Master Ingold", he said, grabbing the innkeepers sleeve before he could move on, "I'd like a dish of zose yummy oven potatoes you sent to Mistress Celebrindal, and - has ze new vine from Emyn Arnen come in yet? Excellent, I'll hev a flagon of zat to wash 'em down, please, zank you very much." They had only had a light meal with Bergil, and these heady southern wines needed a solid foundation.

Nodding a greeting to his two friends, he dumped himself into a chair and his sheaf of notes on the table in front of Rollan. "So, I gather it's been an eventful morning for all of us. Vat's that I hear about ze new Master of ze Revels? Zinks he can boss us around, does he? And he sent us vat - a minder? A chaperon? A censor, more likely. How dare he!" The idea that some pompous aristocrat presumed to interfere with the Players' artistic freedom outraged him - although, he suddenly found himself thinking, maybe it offered new perspectives. Perhaps he should have a word with this - Sador? Was that the name Brinn had mentioned? - who was going to 'work with Aldarion on the script'; if he could convince the man, this could be his chance to get some of the changes to the dialogue he had always wanted to make implemented.

"Not zat some of us couldn't do viz a chaperon", he went on, his mood a good deal mellowed. "Vere are our two miscreants, by ze vay? Sleeping off zeir hangover, I guess?" He turned to Amdír, a dismal suspicion suddenly flaring up in him. What could Brinn have meant with 'news that perhaps Amdír would rather tell you himself'? "Zey did come back to ze inn with you, didn't zey?"
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