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Thiliel thanked Mistress Celebrindal for the coin, curtseyed again, and went off. She could now go to the market to get herself a sweet! Or maybe a new pretty ribbon to tie her hair with. She'd wear it on the festival. Or maybe not. Uncle Ingold was right - I am tired! After all, we've been up and walking with the sun. I should go to my room now, and perhaps have a nap. I'll go to the market tomorrow...

The girl bounded into the common room; even though she was weary she couldn't resist. She slowed down to avoid knocking the tables over and gave a wave to her uncle. He winked at her but continued on with his work. Thiliel looked around her, taking in as much of her surroundings as she could. How comfortble and inviting the inn looked! She aways thought that. Especially when it's filled with people, and they are all enjoying a delicious lunch, or dinner, or whenever they are all gathered here for whatever they want. Lunch time is a wonderful time, she thought, even though lunch had just started, and the inn wasn't yet packed like it would be about half an hour later. No, it's not a lunch - it's a feast! In the highest tower of a castle! And they are all lords and ladies of different lands! And Uncle Ingold is the King! And I'm the royal princess!

Letting her imagination run wild with each lord's story, she picked up her skirt and danced her way to the hallway. She was spinning faster and faster, laughing at her game, when, about ten feet into the hallway, all of a sudden she collided with a girl around her own age.

"I'm terribly sorry!" she apologized sincerely to the girl, helping her to steady herself, even though Thiliel was quite dizzy, "I didn't see you! I was playing that this is a palace, and I'm the princess, and I was dancing and not looking around. I like playing these making-up games! Do you want to play with me? You can be the princess too! We'll both be princesses! Oh, I forgot to introduce myself - I'm Thiliel. The landlord here is my Uncle Ingold. What is your name?"
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