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"Asking Sador is worth a try at least," Brinn had told Asta. "We can't say he can't be trusted, you're right. But we'll find out how much he can be, by what he tells us. And there has to be another way to learn, if that doesn't work."

Then, after much musing and some waiting, Harrenon and Coldan had returned, and with much welcome news.

Well, welcome insofar as it meant progress! Even if it sounded as if a lot of work came with that progress. Brinn itched to snatch the papers right from under Coldan's hand, but she tucked her hands away. "Well done, both of you," she said. "Please, feel free to take the noon meal in the common room; Rollan and Amdir should be there."

Amdir--right! "Oh," she said. "We were paid a visit this morning by the new Master of the Revels. After much posturing, rewarding, and possible threatening, he had the courtesy to send us a minder, one Sador, who will be working with Aldarion on the script. And there is other news that perhaps Amdir would rather tell you himself. But let's go over your full report after you have eaten."

Just then she saw a sweet-looking maiden approach with a steaming tray. “Good day, sirs and ladies!" she said. "I am Thiliel, I just came here today, and I’m helping my Uncle Ingold. He asked me to deliver this to Mistress Celebrindal.”

"I am she," said Brinn. "Thank you, Miss Thiliel. As you can see," she said, pointing to her bound foot, "I turned my ankle yesterday, and have been told to keep off it for at least a week, so I'm dependent on the service of others. It was very kind for your uncle to think to send someone to look after me, and if I should need anything, I'll get someone to fetch you straightaway." She fished around in her purse, produced a small coin, and pressed it in Thiliel's hand.
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