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Two young men smiled affectionately as Thiliel sprinted across the yard into the inn as fast as her skirt would allow her. It was now safe to leave the girl and go their own way.

Thiliel ran inside and almost knocked over the innkeeper. Immediately she flung her arms around him. “Uncle! I’m so glad to see you!” her joy radiated from her face. “I’m so happy that I could come! Mother didn’t want to send me, but our new neighbours said that they were visiting Minas Anor too, so we convinced her to let me come with them.” Thiliel took a quick look through the door that she left ajar. “Oh, I think they’ve left already! It’s too bad I couldn’t introduce them to you!” The girl hugged Ingold once more, oblivious to the inn’s customers eyeing her queerly.

The man smiled back at his niece. “It’s good to see you too, lassie. Right now I am very busy, as you can see, and I don’t have the time to speak with you.” Thiliel saw the truth in his words: he was referring to one of these lengthy talks that they used to have. “It’s all right, Uncle,” she reassured him, “I can also help you with something, maybe?” Ingold pretended to consider his answer. “You are probably tired from the road. For today you can walk around, see the city, or rest a little in your room, if you want to.” Thiliel just started to walk away, when Ingold added, “Oh, darling, I forgot – before you go, can you please take some food over to a woman outside by the carts?” Thiliel nodded enthusiastically. The man handed her a tray with a mug of water and a dish of steaming potatoes. “Her name is Celebrindal. She has black hair. You’ll recognize her all right. If she wants something else, tell me. Will you?” Thiliel nodded again, and then scuttled off.

She has noticed the wagons in the courtyard when she just came, and wondered about them, but the excitement of seeing her dear uncle again, almost five years from their last parting, completely wiped out everything else. Now again her curiosity shot up. When she reached the carts, she found not one, but four people, who were discussing something amongst each other.

“Good day, sirs and ladies! I am Thiliel, I just came here today, and I’m helping my Uncle Ingold. He asked me to deliver this to Mistress Celebrindal.” With these words the girl carefully handed the tray over to the dark haired woman who was sitting on a chair, and curtseyed. “If there is anything you want, please tell me, and I’ll fetch it for you.” She smiled at the group, continuously wondering about them.
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