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It seemed that Sador had been perfectly honest about his next few activities; they were so humdrum that if his discreet pursuer watched her quarry carefully, she would soon detect that they bored even him. He tracked down the much-harrassed Ingold, still unrested since his startling encounter with the Guards of the Citadel and fresh from a wearying negotiation with Rollan. Both the innkeeper and the lordling, then, seemed tired as they exchanged routine sentences. Sador did not bother to haggle over the price either of the stable or his new room. His father might be a professional money man, but either this son was less interested, or, for the moment, he was occupied by even more important concerns.

Having surrendered the stallion's bridle to Ingold and received his key in exchange, a large thing of plain, undecorative pewter, he began, just as he had announced he would, to trace his way to the lodging. He leaned often against the wall as he moved his inelegant, slightly painful way along. Sereth would notice that he was carring a satchel-like carrier at his shoulder, most likely for clothes. It did weigh him down, but also balanced the motion of his bad leg a little. For some reason he did not, as many invalids did, make use of a stick; he didn't even carry a sword, only a dagger in a finely enamelled hilt.

Sador had paid for the largest unoccupied room on the ground floor, anticipating that he would find the stairs beyond him. He now unlocked it, flung his pack as far as he could inside - it fell with a soft fthlumpf, confirming the idea that it contained only clothes or maybe papers - and followed it in. A larger crumpling sound and a bouncing spring would indicate that he had thrown himself on his bed, fully dressed even to his boots, to pause and think.

He had left his door ajar...

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