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"I agree," Brinn told Asta, "but we did give them time off, and I daresay the troupe behaved no worse than a Guardsman on leave." She sighed. "Poor Amdir. If we pull this off, I suspect that the Master of Revels will forget he ever fired him, but if we don't... It is a good thing we all have a say in the script; otherwise I'd fear much more for this Sador fellow." She mused for a moment, and an idea suddenly came to her. "You know, there have been official revelries up in the Citadel for years, ones that the King himself must surely have approved! Mightn't there be an official account of the way things happened? If only we had a way of getting up there..."

Rollan, in the meantime, had followed Amdir to the common room, and, genially, insisted on paying for the man's drink, and a meal for both of them to match. "After all," he said, "you're on our pay for now. And maybe just as well, for I'd hate to work for a lord who won't let his men drink on their time off." He paused. They oughtn't get in more trouble with this Burlach for drinking, but drinking--so long as it didn't interfere with work or the performance--was part and parcel of being a Player in the city. "One moment," he said. "I have an idea." Rollan got up and sought out Master Ingold.

"I have an idea," he told the innkeeper, "and let me see if it works for you. Can you offer your ale here at a reduced rate for us Players?" He held up a hand to forestall any cynical response. "If you do, I promise you we'll make sure the Players only drink here, and we'll empty the bar after the performance as well. Oh, and--if any one of us, myself included, gets drunk before that time? Kindly dump a bucket of cold water on his head, and send him back to the waggons. We'll deal with him there." It took some haggling, but Ingold consented, and Rollan returned to the table a very happy man. Brinn would be proud of him for that kind of thinking. "So," he said, clapping Amdir on the back, as if he were one of his old friends from Dale, "how does it feel to be your own man?"
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