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Amdír was not normally given to drinking midday, but he had also never been fired before, and at his age the new experience seemed to call for some sort of celebration. That being the case, as soon as Lord Cirdacil had withdrawn, Amdír made his way to the inn's tavern, and sat down to breakfast: a pint of ale.

It might be thought that since Amdír was normally deeply respectful to anyone with superior authority that he would take Lord Cirdacil's decision with the same unconcerned deference as he would a direction from Brinn or a direction to move along from the Tower Guard; however, this was not the case. The truth is that Amdír's deference to those in authority was the result of a deep-seated belief that because they held great powers, they had a responsibility to those under their power to be just.

Lord Cirdacil's abrupt termination of Amdír's service with the Master of Revels was not, in any way the carpenter could see it, just, and coming so swiftly upon his assumption of the office, Cirdacil's reputation was ruined forever in Amdír's mind, whereas Lord Hallas, who had proved himself a good man, if frivolous, over the course of several years, would probably have been forgiven the matter.

Amdír supposed that if he were to sue for justice from King Elessar that he would find the matter redressed, such was his faith in the essential goodness of those in power (and it did not escape the carpenter's memory at this time that Cirdacil of Burlach was said to be of lowly birth), but he was not so blissfully trustful of royal justice that he did not know that Cirdacil was a powerful man, and that if he were forced to take the carpenter back into his service, he would find other ways to make Amdír and the Players suffer.

No, Amdír would leave the matter be, and now that he was no longer in Cirdacil's direct service, he would probably never have to deal with the man again (Amdír no longer thought of his as "Lord"). He was undoubtedly going to get an earful from his brother-in-law and children about losing a position with the offices of the Tower, but no hard times would come of it. Amdír had become a servant of the Master of Revels because he had already worked several years in Lord Hallas's household, and although he had ceased working there for the duration of Cormarë, he was expected to resume his duties once the play was over. Financially, Amdír did not need the Tower's money, but the insult of firing him rankled, and it was an honest vassal's grudge that he nursed as he sat alone in the tavern, as well as a slowly diminishing tankard of ale.
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