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The sound of the hooves of Lord Cirdacil's escort taking off back to the Citadel could still be heard outside, though young Sador lingered yet in front of the players. Having introduced himself, he inclined his head to the whole company in a small bow, before backing to his own horse and clambering back on it.

He was no longer the only centre of commotion, as the two returning actors, Coldan and Harrenon, had rushed through and were explaining themselves before their leader.

"Well, gentles all, I have no wish to intrude amongst you," he said, giving Asta in particular a polite, assured look, "so I shall just go and settle with Ingold a permanent stall for this brute, and fix myself up a room, too, where I can lodge here without disturbing the rhythms you have already set in place. We shall see each other at your next rehearsal, which I am intensely looking forward to..."

With a thin but inclusive smile, he turned his mount and left the players, for the moment, to themselves again.
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