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Brinn thanked Cirdacil for his time, and turned over his statements in her head as he left. Oh, he was a politician, that was for sure, and though what he said was mostly harmless--only raising the stakes from what she had all but concluded from the news of the previous night might be the case--there had to be something going on behind it all. Did that Sador have something to do with it? Or the letters Aldarion had received? And what about firing Amdir--whose name he couldn't even get right? She pinched the bridge of the nose--she did not understand politicking!

"I don't get it," Sereth said, in what Brinn normally called a stage whisper. "What's happening? Why was that old self-important... piece of nobility blackmailing us?"

Blackmail? They were already like to get in trouble if they messed this up. "I don't get it either," said Brinn quietly. "But things aren't as bad as you might think! Why, if we can pull this off, we'll have such money--and a steadier income, though I hope His Grace will think it fit that we travel, as well. And if we're booted out by those who think they're too good for us? Why, there are still so many other cities in Gondor, not to mention the Northlands, and we could even perform at the Pelennor, for that isn't part of Minas Anor, is it?" She thought a moment. "In fact, if we decide that the Revel-Master's terms aren't acceptable, we could move outside the City now. That wouldn't stop us from the King's displeasure, but it'd keep us out of Cirdacil's reach." Of course, he had already planted one of his own among them, and Brinn knew what that meant, but perhaps he could be reasoned with? He was young...

She sounded a good deal more confident than she felt, but... well, that might be all that was holding them together at this point. She hoped the others came back soon, and that they had been fruitful in their research.

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