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Harrenon and Coldan were now heading back to the inn, after a very intriguing talk with Bergil. Their new acquaintance had proven himself very helpful, asking few questions and readily accepting to give them whatever information they required. He told them many things about King Elessar, of whom he spoke very highly. He fondly recalled the first time he had seen the King in the Houses of Healing, just after the battle on the Fields of Pelennor was over. As a matter of fact, Bergil spoke about the King with a sort of reverence that seemed much more than the formal respect a subject is taught to have for his lord. Harrenon guessed there was a story behind that too, but he said nothing about it. Bergil also told them quite a lot about Eowyn and gave them some information about Boromir and Denethor too. All in all, they had done what Brinn had sent them to do. They had found whatever information they could about the Men that had been involved in the War of the Ring and it had come from a very reliable source.

“We did well, I should say,” Harrenon commented to Coldan. “I think we have all we need, don’t you?”

Coldan nodded to confirm this.

“Of course,” he added. “Ve vill have to change half the script, now.”

“Yes, that’s true,” Harrenon admitted. “Even more, if what the others find also does not match with what we already had.”

The two arrived at the inn without any incidents. Therian and Branor had not yet returned, but all the others were there together with Amdir.

“It’s good that you are all here,” Harrenon said in greeting. “We have quite a lot to tell you. We seemed to have a rotten luck when we first did research for this play. I am sorry to say this, but most of what we have thought was true is actually wrong.”
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