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"Quiet Therian." snapped Branor. "He called me Rick. He might know something from last night." Branor had all but forgotten the spy business with Rick Cottontree, but it was slowly coming back to him.

"Old man, my friend and I are trying to find out what happened to us last night. There are a lot of parts missing, but you do remember seeing me, yes? We do not know where your wife is, but if you can help us with our memory, we might be able to help you find your wife."

"Yes. Yes." said the old man who was sounding more lucid. "You were the one asking about hobbits last night and Rick's friend there was fancying the barmaid."

"That's right!" Branor's hopes were raising that they may figure out this talk of murderers, killers, and brigands. "Can you remember how we got these bruises?"

"Bruises. I know nothing about how you got those bruises." Branor sighed and was about to tell Therian that he was right, this man was going to be of no use, but then...

"I can tell you about the hobbits you seek." said the old man.

Branor perked up and rushed to take a seat next to the man. "You can!? You mean the four hobbits on the quest of Mount Doom!?"

"Those would be the ones: Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took."

Therian and Branor were still unsure how much they could rely on this man's sanity, or lack there of, so Branor decided to first ask about Peregrin Took. He was well known in Minas Anor, and so far they had not encountered any disastrous inaccuracies in Peregrin's history. At least, not anything like the Samwise debacle.

"Peregrin Took, or Pippin as his friends called him." remembered the old man. "He was well loved in these parts, and deserved every bit of it. A courageous lad, in going against his Lord's orders to save Lord Faramir's life. And he was quite a champion to boot too, uncomparable to the devilish creature Master Merry slew, but Lord Peregrin had the same heroic spirit when he killed the mighty war troll."

The mention of troll prompted Therian to make another snarky comment about how can the lumbering, ugly troll Olog ever catch the fancy of a delicate woman, and mumbled something about wondering if Miss Fea would fancy Olog. Branor didn't catch it all, but the old man did.

"Olog and a misses? hehehe, that Olog was going to make mincemeat out of you boys, hehe."
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