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"He wants to talk to Brinn, is what he wants," said Rollan, "and anyone else who is... ahem... 'interested in the future of this troupe.'" He gave his best impression of the old lord. "Oh, and--he asked for your presence in particular, and asked me to give these to you." He handed him a set of papers. "Anyhow, he was surprisingly sympathetic to Brinn's injury, so as soon as his guard's done eating, they'll meet with all of us in the courtyard.

"And I had better tell Brinn all this myself, and help her make herself presentable. If I know her, I know she's going to want to argue this thing out--whatever it is--at her best. I don't think this Master of the Revels is nearly as friendly towards us as Hallas. If anyone wants to find Amdir, he's been asked to come to the meeting as well."

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