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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Ah, I didn't think he would be a 'stablemaster' for one thing, and not really sure what that means or entails. Like I don't know if that would have extra status in Rohan? But it's still about age to me (well, for Coen), and I don't think any of the riders owe even the 'stablemaster' a special degree of respect. I mean he's still a 'common' man like them and just has a particular position in the hall like them (he's not an equerry or the like). And as for the riders taking care of their own mounts, well, I always figured that's what riders of Rohan would do. That it would be typical, because they'd have a special relationship with their mounts. Not that they'd do all their maintenance or of course the dirty work unless they were ordered to ;p

Sorry, I don't mean to be argumentative, just like discussing this. Partly because it seems to keep happening in this RP that I find characters getting upset for reasons I don't understand/I have a different understanding of the circumstances and nature of the culture and such. If that makes sense? But no big deal obviously, I just don't want to be too far off on the wrong page when interacting with other's characters. You know, I don't want Coen to look like a jerk because everyone agrees it's wrong for him to call Leof a lad Not that in-character misunderstandings are a problem!

Btw, about he ever going to stop being picked on? (I mean, made to look like a complete fool/jerk all of the time?) Speaking of looking for a fight...*cough*Saeryn*cough*...haha

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