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Originally Posted by Bêthberry
Possibly not. Most scholars of Middle-earth and Tolkien's languages would probably be too polite and socially gracious to do that. I did, however, hear of mutterings to the effect of, "The Elvish has left the building."
Indeed 'it left'.

And, just for clarity here, for the thread, to my mind Carl Hostetter (since he is a scholar) is not criticizing how 'wrong' he thinks the fabricated Elvish is, or might be (regarding grammar or pronunciation), but rather that it does not capture the spirit of the books due to its nature. Moreover, it has taken over the linguistic stage not simply due to its own bulk, but due also to a disappearance of Tolkien's actual examples.

Not that I can speak for Mr. Hostetter, but I see nothing in the quoted section above about grammar or whatever... indeed he adds 'however skillfully' because that's not the point.
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