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Originally Posted by zxcvbn
The films had several scenes where characters exchange Elvish dialogue which does not match the books word-by-word, and many of the songs in the soundtrack had Elvish lyrics. This demanded a lot more words and grammar than was printed in the LOTR books.
Yes, and this includes a decision on someone's part to add more fabricated Elvish. Since none was necessarily 'needed' for a film, I'm not sure what the point is here.

Re-read my previous post before repeating the same argument again. Jackson himself didn't know anything about Elvish, so he hired Salo. From his point of view, Salo's Elvish was as accurate as can be, since he probably hasn't read any critiques of Salo's work from the scholarly community.
I'll try a question here: was it Salo's decision to discard much of Tolkien's Elvish in favor of invented stuff?

One doesn't need to know much about Tolkien's Elvish to see what appears in the book, and incorporate that into the films. One might need help in incorporating it 'correctly'... but that doesn't mean adding all kinds of invented stuff while discarding Tolkien's material.
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