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from Estelyn

There's no sense in getting hot and bothered over an issue that concerns none of us directly and that cannot be influenced by any of us.
I agree with that statement that nobody should get hot and bothered about this because none of us have a dime to make either way. That is true. And you certainly have taught me that no discussion should be heated. Nice and proper with all courtesy and respect extended to all.

However, I do think that this entire situation could have impact upon all of us who have an interest in future films about Middle-earth particularly the announced HOBBIT film and a bridge film. Since the Estate has announced that part of their suit is to explore the idea that NL can be stripped of rights to make these films, and many of us want these films, there is a very direct effect upon us. That is what makes this an interesting topic for discussion here and a very much on topic subject for discussion.

from WCH

As if the Estate cared about either, or 'fan support' mattered a hill of beans in court.
There are several kinds of courts. There are courts of law and there is the court of public opinion.

The Estate's *lawyers* have not yet filed the original contracts. Eventually they will. That's the way litigation works.
If and when that happens, I would be greatly interested in seeing the actual language to see if it is indeed specific in offereing crystal clear definitions of the various terms in the contract identifying what these acceptable expenses are and how they are calcualted and what constitutes income and how that is calculated. Until we have that nobody here can make any judgment as to if or how much the Estate has been cheated by NL or how much money is due to them.

I totally agree that the Estate should get every dollar owed to them under the contract. NL has a terrible record of paying off profit sharing partners so it would not surprise me at all if the Estate is just the latest in that line. However, the deal the Estate has if far different than simple profit sharing becauses of this expenses times 2.6 multiplier. That makes their profit sharing far different than Saul Zaentz, Peter Jackson or anyone else.

JRR Tolkien may have made the best deal in the history of selling film rights. Or he may have made a terrible deal. We will not know that until these facts come out.

I suspect that even when they do, they will be less than crystal clear and offer much wiggle room for accountants and attorneys to earn their princely salaries in court for the next couple of years.

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