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This is one of the instances were I find a purely chronological ordering of the tales doubtfull. In my mind of an edited version of "Of Dwarves and Men" will form an essential part of the volume II: Nmenor and the History of the North-West of Middle-Earth of Translation from the Elvish.
But that can be debated. If parts of the essay are used in the Beleriandic tales, it would be hard hold the rest together. In view of this, it might be that we are not able to use the essay as a unity.
In addition this depends as well on other undecided issues: If we reform the charachter of Sadog in the "Trin-Saga" to a Drg as Tolkien once proposed, than we need the intorduction of the Drg given in "Of Dwarves and Men" somewhere in the emigration of the Edain into Beleriand.
If we use manish parts of "Of Dwarves and Men" in the Belerandic part of our work than I think the best place would be a bit earlier. As fare as I know, we have no indication when and where the Story of the Faithful Stone happened. It could have been so early that its place would be Dor-Caranthir and not Brethil. Thus I would place it with the rest of the manish part of the Essay. Even if its time could be determined and it is than told as a fetch-ahead.
This would produce a structer like this, but the actule editing of the text might prove that to be to much repeating:
volume 1: THE ELDER DAYS
Quenta Silmarillion
. 20 Of the Coming of the Edain & their Hauses and Lordships in Beleriand
Of the Coming of Men into the West and the Metting of the Edain and the Eldar
Of the Kindreds and Houses of the Edain
The Atani and their Languages
The Dredain (Pkel-men)

The Faithful Stone

Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth
. Appendix: The Tale of Adanel
I think from what we lift out of the essay it can not stand as a chapter of itself. Thus it I would add the sub-chapters of the essy as sub-chapters to the chapter 20 Of the Coming of the Edain & their Hauses and Lordships in Beleriand of the Quenta Silmarillion. And I would then follow the Essay as fare as the comparison of Drgs and Hobbits. (page 310 The Drgs that are met ... not even their closest friends among the Folk of Haleth were welcomed there). The following part of the Essay about Hobbits can not be used in the Beleriandic part. If we can mange it, I would introduce it in the Thrid Age material.

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