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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
I have indeed received Kuru's gracious invitation (and there are more of us, I am sure) and I am tentatively looking around. I need to have the look at the rules etc, also depending on the schedule, but I would be very much for participating.
As far as scheduling is concerned, I would like to get the game started as soon as may be. We just need to get enough players.

On that front, can you get hold of Agan and Nog? Their PM boxes are full, the naughty people. Don't they understand they need to keep space in their PM boxes for people to send them recruiting pitches?

I am also going to make the deadline for this game 9 PM US Eastern...maybe if I am feeling extra ambitious I will make it 8 PM...but I may not be able to get a narrative up immediately if the deadline is 8 PM, so we will see how ambitious I feel.
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