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1420! Thanks, Bęthberry!

Thanks for starting this lovely thread, Bęthberry! To you and all here, I hope you've been having a good Christmas, and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Encaitare, in terms of 'one grand moot' in 2017, there's Oxonmoot 2017.

At Christmas, I take out and read The Father Christmas Letters, as well as listen to 2 CDs of them being read by Derek Jacobi. Two passages came to mind this Christmas, the second which was new. The first, in Father Christmas's letter of 24th December 1935, was when he said, 'Christmas seems to come round pretty soon again: always much the same and always different'. The second, in his letter of 22nd December 1941, said, 'But at present so terribly many people have lost their homes: or have left them; half the world seems in the wrong place'. This was obviously a reference to the effects of the Second World War; but when I read that, I thought of what was happening in Syria.
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