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Originally Posted by tar-ancalime
Perhaps that was his task? Sauron was the enemy of more than just Elves, Men and Hobbits--maybe Radagast's special job was to protect the helpless creatures.
I could be convinced that that might be the case, but if so, Radagast didn't do it fully. If such was the case, then he should have been converting the oliphaunts, leading armies of bears, wolves, boars, horses, etc... into battle. Shooting down the fellbeasts. Sending mice up the pant-legs of the orks.

Okay, maybe not the last one...

I think that you might have something of the right idea in saying that the animals were Radagast's specific mission, within the greater mission. Which gets me wondering: what were the specific missions of the others. The Blue Wizards seem to have been sent to the East, and the Valar alone know what happened to them. Gandalf seems to have been assigned to Elves, Hobbits, and Dwarves. He might have been sent to Men to, but I would theorise that that was originally Saruman's specific territory, into which Gandalf moved partly because Men were everywhere, but also because Saruman wasn't doing his job right. But you'll notice, that until Gandalf returns as Gandalf the White, he doesn't seem to have spent a large amount of time with the Gondorians or Rohirrim.
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