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In truth, Glirdingo the Elf had been wrong when he claimed 'they were the only two up'. Dárin the Dwarf had been up much of the night. When his watch was over, he had started to go to sleep, but found that he couldn't. He thought of gold, and lost dragon-hoards, war and magic. Dárin walked a long way from the camp in a train of his own thought, now looking at the ground, now at the dark star-studded sky. But a trail of feet had intrigued him. They led further away. Suddenly a dark shape had been in the distance. More of them. Men? Bandits?

A cold wind blew and he had felt suddenly alone, haunted. Dárin had turned, started to walk, then hobble quickly back to camp. Was that a howl? He broke into a run. And here Dárin was, a little past dawn, running back to camp. A rustle came from a grove nearby. Eyes?! Dárin drew his axe and fell into a crouch. But then the first ray of dawn spread across the horizon.

The camp! Finally! He entered and said to the travellers, "Men. Horses. Who would be out here alone? There were more of them than us, I don't know if they are armed. What should we do?"
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