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It just occurred to me that we used to call Léof the "ostler", which was correct when the "Eorl of Middle Emnet's" Hall was "The White Horse Inn". Now, at Scarburg, he would of course be called "stablemaster", since ostlers are associated with inns and "hotels" or "hostels", as they used to be called. An ostler's job is quite different from a stablemaster's. An ostler is caring for the mounts of guests, whereas a Meadhall stablemaster is in charge of the stables, and therefore of the care of the horses in the stables. Well, perhaps not so different, but different enough; has a more military sense about it, I guess, instead of the market driven sense. It looks to me that some of Léof's issues derive from this very change, what?

Foley, what on earth does Saeryn think she's doing?

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