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Karl muttered about them not having to wait for him, but he doubted anyone was listening and he wasn’t sure if he wanted them to be. He had not been in the company of this many people in…well, a long time. It was starting to grate on him a little, but there was also a warmth about it. Especially on a snowy night like this.

He smiled at Seth, thanking him for his help. Duke wasn't upset to have another person's soothing attention. He was such a social animal, he did not hide from people when hurt but rather sought their comfort. Upon hearing Willem’s comment about removing the quills slowly, Karl reddened a little and glanced at Seth. "Hope I haven't been making it worse..." he murmured. Well, he did not have experience with porcupines. It was rather surprising, considering all that Duke tended to get into. He gently eased out the next quill. Duke was being as strong as he could, his whines becoming more like whimpers.


Edwin felt out of place. His awkward ‘entrance’ into this impromptu campsite had brought attention to him for a time, but now he was just a part of the group, and a part that was not connected to any others. Somehow the Willem person was familiar with Jessamy, and of course there were her brothers. And this Willem knew Karl, which was not at all surprising since they both seemed rather strange. And then there was Edwin…‘the boy.’

When Jessamy’s brothers began talking about heading back to town, Edwin sunk into his thoughts. With any luck, by the time they got back, his father would already be passed out and he could put him to bed without any fuss from him. It wasn’t as if he was worried about punishment, but…he made it worse. When he did things like this and made his father worry, it made his father worse. And yet he kept doing them, he kept pushing it. Though nothing he had gotten into before could compare with this afternoon and evening.

Willem, whose eyes seemed as if they could never look kind yet were filled at the moment with warmth, included him at least, suggesting he go with Jessamy and one of her brothers back into the caravan. “Thank you,” he murmured to Willem. Biscuits and bread weren’t quite as appetizing right now as soup or stew might be, but he wasn’t about to complain.

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