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Interesting connections, Lal. I shall have to go back and try Blake again.

This potency of words makes it clear why various characters in LotR and the Sil will cry, "Speak not so!" when someone states an untruth or a mis-truth or worse, a curse. I think it stood out most to me in the Athrabeth.

So if words have this much potency, imagine the impact of a single choice lie. Obviously lies have impact anyway, but the whole notion here seems to lend itself to the idea (Tolkien's in part) that humans are by their very nature sub-creators; therefore, every word we speak is an act of sub-creation. To sub-create a falsehood is to undercut the very fabric of reality, creating a tear in the tapestry of what is. To correct it requires uncovering the lie and knitting back together the torn fabric of reality.

Imagine writing this way, whether rpg or actual myth!
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