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if ones Word is ones Honour, and ones Word holds ones Power does not ones Honour hold ones power as well...and could it not be that only those who are Honourable hold Power.
Nice one shelob! Reminds me of the saying: "The eyes are the windows to the soul." Perhaps one's mouth is the doorway..?..?

I think that beauty/truth as a unifying myth is interesting. I would be careful walking down that path. In Tolkiens works we see the fair folk, but are they embodiments of Truth? There is some connection though. But so much of the work involves the idea of an age that can never be regained.

The use of time (for me) is the mechanism. Truth is more apparent when the ages old veneer of "civilization" is stripped away. Aesthetics has its place in this, but I see it more of an effect (or an expression), than a cause.

Yes, the world was much younger, but it was also more perilous. Even though Truth and Untruth (or Good and Evil) were definately more striking in their differences.

As for eucatastrophe in the Silm, all I can think of is Beren and Luthien in Tol Galen as the only example.

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