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Durelin, it makes total sense that the riders would take care of their own mounts, but like lmp said, it just represents a shift from what Leof was used to and he's not quite sure what it means or whether he likes it. Before, the stables were sort of like his private domain (others came and went, of course, but he was much more in charge), but now a much larger number of people are spending a significant more amount of time there, so that Leof no longer feels like he's the one running things. He'd gotten used to being treated more or less like an equal by others at the hall, and now he feels like he's been downgraded. So, yeah, he's overreacting. I don't think that Coen's been acting unrealistically at all. He's just coming from a very different viewpoint than Leof, and obviously he wouldn't know just what an adjustment that Leof's having to make, because he wasn't around before.

I feel like a new pair of acronyms are needed, BA and AA (before Athanar and after Athanar).
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