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"Yes, it's a bit tense over there," said Léof, taking the cleared seat. "How are you settling in, Cerwyn?"

"Oh, fine," she said, her smile just a little too sweet. "Javan and I were just getting to know each other." She looked past her brother to answer Javan's question.

"My father let me go to Edoras with the widow he's set to remarry and her son. I ran off from there."

"You really ought to have left a message or something," Léof said.

"Then they might have tracked me down before I got here," she retorted. Léof shrugged, conceding the point, not wishing to fight in front of Javan. "As you said," Cerwyn continued, "we'll send them word, and then they'll stop worrying. It's not as though I'm trying to stay hidden or keep secrets forever."

Léof frowned, sensing a barb but unsure where it was aimed.

Satisfied at having made her point, Cerwyn turned to Javan again. "Do you have brothers or sisters?" she asked him.
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