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Saeryn hurried through the soggy courtyard toward the smithy, ducking her head against the rain, and seeing little except the ground just before her feet. When she reached the eaves of the smithy, she raised her head and shook the loose rain drops from her hair. She gave an involuntary shiver before entering the smithy.

It was warmer inside, and dry. She saw Garreth working by the furnace.

"I have brought you your supper," she said. "If you like, you can come back in and eat it. Or stay out here, as you wish."

Garreth looked up from his work and regarded her sullenly. "I asked Harreld to bring me my food, no-one else. Is he suddenly too ill to do the job himself?"

Saeryn was not going to get into another argument with a hard-headed contestant. She set the food down on a workbench. "Harreld has worked hard today. I saw little reason to send him out again into the rain. Here is your supper. Have a goodnight."

She turned to go.

Garreth was not about to let a woman have the last word, at least not without one retort. "And here I thought it was the lord of the hall that made such decisions, rather than his wife." He allowed a goodly amount of sneer into the last word he spoke.

Saeryn paused by the door and reflected on his words. She made an effort not to let them affect her. She looked back at him. "Goodnight, Garreth," she said, and went out into the rain.

"Women, confound them," she heard Garreth mutter behind her.

She almost walked right into Harreld. She jumped with a surprised gasp. When she looked up at him, she saw he looked worried. "What did he say to you?" he asked.

"Not much," she said, backing up under the eave of the smithy again. "I think he indicated that I was running the roost instead of Eodwine." She sighed.

"I am sorry. I would have spared you his temper. He trusts no woman since - since his time in Edoras. Good night." Harreld let her go by and went inside the smithy.
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