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As much as Léof usually kept his nose out of others’ business, it was hard not to overhear the quarrel at the next table over. Rowenna was in a foul mood, it was clear; but then, so were many others: nearly everyone in the Hall felt worn out and hungry after a thoroughly unpleasant afternoon of work.

But then she turned around and her gaze fell on him and Scyld, who for some unknown and unwelcome reason had sat down beside him.

"Do you both think you deserve these plates more than the women?"

“Of course not,” answered Léof quickly, wanting no part of the fight (and also hoping that if he answered correctly, one of the plates she was holding might be his). Rowenna’s gaze swiveled to Scyld.

“Only a foolish man would say so to the woman serving his food,” answered Scyld. Léof nodded, missing the hint of jest and forgetting briefly who it was he was agreeing with.
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