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Rowenna was miffed that all the women were expected to serve the men first. She had been just as hard at work digging the trenches as any of the men, and harder than some of them. Yet here she was, joining the women, serving the men who expected to be served first. Yes, it was the way things were done, but it wasn't right.

She set the food down before each man, the plates hitting the board with just a little more of a thud than the others. She met their eyes if they looked up. If any of them failed to offer a thanks, she remembered.

She placed a plate in front of Harreld, who nodded glumly. The next plate went before Garreth, who looking up, gave her a foul look. She did not let go of the plate and met his eyes.

"Let go, wench."

"Why should I? I worked as hard as any man."

"So you say. Work the bellows or forge a sword and I'll think better of you."

She allowed a half a smile. It was an interesting challenge. "Maybe I will."

He glowered. "Don't come near my smithy. Now take your hands off my plate."

"What do I get in return?"

His frown went black. Suddenly he got up, his seat tumbling behind him. "Harreld, I'm off to the smithy where I'm free of womanish foolery. Bring some food back." He stalked out of the Hall.

Harreld sighed and looked at Rowenna. "Now why did you have to go and harass him like that, Rowenna?"

She looked down her nose at him. "Why do you men get served before us women?"

He shrugged and bent his head back over his plate.

There were still two plates in her hand. Leof and Scyld sat at the same table, watching her. "Do you both think you deserve these plates more than the women?"
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