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Eodwine stopped a moment to think through Saeryn's questions, then continued his work while puffing out his thoughts as they came.

"We have much to do." He dug and straightened. "This trench must be deep enough..." he tossed his load toward the growing lined heap. "... to hold all the water that floods into this lowland." He dug again and straightened. "Then we need to dig an outflow trench to take the water to the swamp so none of this area floods again."

"It will take until sundown and later, then," Saeryn replied.

"Yes. Rowenna took the children in for me. You took care of them?"

"Yes. Cerwyn watches them now."

Eodwine nodded. "Not all work is out here. I am sure much must be done in the Hall. But could you check on the Smith brothers and see if they have some new shovels for us?"
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