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Heh, here I am. Sorry for the delay, I appreciated your message Turambar.

New Password:

1. A ring without a finger, older than Mirdain craft
2. Little village with Triumphant Architecture followed by a famous film flight home
3. I log lags, Lord they mix me up!
4. Elven Summer, or maybe song...
5. Nothing, Right? Nothing. Just the Mountain Fair without Val.
6. Title of what begins with "once again" but is clearly not as old.
7. Underground grins.
8. Green with envy initially, then blown to either's mate (love hurts, you see...).
9. The Forest Lord's first choice is uncooked!
10. Hobbit town, frequented by seamstresses and the thirsty.

Some of these are really hard! I'm sorry guys. Hints will be available as needed.

The seasons fall like silver swords, the years rush ever onward; and soon I sail, to leave this world, these lands where I have wander'd. O Elbereth! O Queen who dwells beyond the Western Seas, spare me yet a little time 'ere white ships come for me!
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