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NAME: Thornden son of Thaldon

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 30 or 31, Male, Rohirrim, four or five hours ride respectively from Edoras.

APPEARANCE: Tall (approximately 6'4"), dark blond hair, hazel eyes, broad shouldered and strong.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: Patient, usually quiet with a few flashes of feeling occasionally, allert to his surroundings and observant.
He worked in the King's guard for a year before joining Eodwine's court about six years ago.


NAME: Javan son of Thaldon - Thornden's brother

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 18, the rest the same as Thornden's

APPEARANCE: Dark blond hair, a little darker than Thornden's, brown eyes. He has grown to be about 5'10", not too short, but still a head shorter than Thornden.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: He is the youngest child of six, and when he came to Eodwine when the Meadhall was still located in Edoras, he was irresponsible and mischievous. In the intervening years, he has learned a great deal of responsibility, and under the tutelage of Thornden, Eowdine, and other men at Scarburg, he has grown to be a fairly upstanding citizen. He is hot tempered at best, and may tend towards having fun more often than is good for him.


Thornden's full bio from Abduction in Edoras RPG

NAME: Thornden

AGE: 30 or 31

RACE: Man (Rohirrim)


WEAPONS: He has the ability to use a sword and spear if given to him, but he doesn’t carry any weapon.

APPEARANCE: Thornden is tall, roughly 6 feet 4 inches in height, and broad shouldered. He has straight, dark blond hair, the color of wet sand, cut close to his head. Hazel eyes that are often twinkling with his easy, quick smile.
His clothing usually consist of a plain white cotton shirt, sometimes with a vest over it, sometimes not. Brown breeches, fastened at the waist with a leather belt. Soft leather, mid-calf boots.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Thornden is a calm, quiet man, possessing both patience and good judgement (most of the time)(we all have our lapses, don’t we?). He is usually willing to think the best of people, so long as they haven’t proved themselves to be bad. He is often very easy going and is easily amused, but when it is necessary, he can be very immoveable and stern, doing what is necessary to get what needs to be done done. He does his best to be kind to everyone and hates to see anyone ill used, and his anger or temper is usually difficult to arouse (but it is possible).
His main weakness may be stubbornness. If he doesn’t want to do something, it takes a lot to get him to do it, and even ‘a lot’ may not succeed, depending on who you are. (For instance, if he disagrees with Eodwine, because he is Eodwine’s subordinate, he would probably end up doing as Eodwine told him to. On the other hand, if Gárwine and he were in disagreement. . .) Happily, he doesn’t often set his will on things that aren’t for the good of everybody involved, so generally his stubbornness is never confronted or trouble causing.

HISTORY: Thornden was born and grew up on a farm out in the country of the East Emnet. He was the oldest child of six, the youngest being thirteen years younger than himself. His mother taught him how to read and write and work with numbers, and his father taught him to farm. Thaldon hoped to have Thornden eventually take over the farm, but Thornden had different thoughts in mind. He didn’t want to farm and so he didn’t.

When he was twenty-three he moved from home to Edoras. For two reasons, mainly - one was to find something to do (other than farming) and to establish some sort of living and the second was to escape his mother’s and his sister’s constant nagging at his not being yet married. He was not long in Edoras until he got himself into the guard of Meduseld and he stayed there for a little over a year. Then, when Eodwine became Eorl, and was in need of someone as steward, Thornden thought that he may as well try it, and went out at once to try his luck.

Thornden became Eodwine's steward and worked in that capacity even after Eodwine was removed from Eorlship. He remained in that position until Athanar took Eodwine's place and worked with Athanar as long as he remained. When Eodwine returned, Thornden continued to act as steward under Athanar until Athanar departed. When Eodwine became Eorl again, Thornden returned to his position as steward under Eodwine.


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