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Useful Information about Rohirric culture


01.) Lords and Vassals

02.) Oven Building

03.) Wattle & Daub Construction

04.) Saxon Buildings

05.) Anglo-Saxon Occupations

06.) Dance!

07.) Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes - NO LONGER WORKING

08.) Regia Anglorum (Anglo-Saxon & Viking Britain resources)

09.) Ravensgard (Anglo-Saxon culture)

10.) About the Rohirric language (from the Ardalambion site)


Miscellaneous Links referencing questions in the former Eorling Mead Hall thread:

Anglo-Saxon culture and horses; Rohirrim-Dunlending relations; On Bailiffs, Stewards, and Almbudsmen; Medieval boy/girl stuff (“rolling in the hay”); Eorling Mead Hall & Surrounds Plan - HERE


Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Words and Influences (The Tolkien Society) - HERE - NO LONGER WORKING

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