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Mira was slightly confused when as soon as they arrived, Bunny, Tansy, and Peony all dropped behind to talk. Their excuse to Melilot was all very well, but Mira had always had a small curiosity streak, and she also prided herself that she was a reasonably good spy. She quietly plucked at Rudy’s sleeve and whispered to him, “Please make my excuses to cousin Melilot. I need to use the bathroom, and will be right back.” He nodded and she rushed out, following the other hobbit lasses. She peered out the round door of the hobbit hole, to see where they were going. She saw them sit down, and then looked for a way to get close without being seen. When she could hear them well, her new acquaintance, Bunny was talking.

“Maybe we should head back to Tansy's now and ready our things there, since Tansy's family knows we are going.
We can then come back here tomorrow morning and pick you up. We can leave our things in that bush over there before we come, so it just looks like we are visiting. If you need help still getting supplies maybe we can come up with a plan to occupy your Mum, while you get what we need.”

Mira could tell she had missed a little bit, but this was sounding a lot more interesting then she had expected.

"I think that may be best" Peony the replied, “Lets try it and see what happens."

Bunny then jumped up, very excitedly, and hugged both her friends, "This is going to work out just fine, and we shall have a great adventure!" She said, her tone of voice and words showing how happy she was.

Mira was slightly surprised. Adventure? That wasn’t the kind of thing that she heard about every day. But it did sound fun. She started to back up a little, no longer listening, when Tansy and Bunny started heading towards the road that unfortunately, was very close to where Mira was hiding. Luckily, for Mira, but not for Bunny, Bunny tripped, and almost fell flat. Mira saw this as her chance, and Bunny was catching herself, and Tansy was coming back to help her up. She dashed to another bush that was farther from the road.
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